Resolve UiExplorer Not Working Issue

If there is a team using UiPath Studio in one development and the version of version of UiPath is licensed, yet they are having issues.  Studio server is same and the team is using same RDP while the login is with one person only, due to some reason the team is unable to access UiExplorer in UiPath studio.  

The solution to this error is simple. The solution is linked to the user profile. So, just reset the user profile of the other team members who are using Uipath. Here it will work fine!

If the ‘License Type’ in “Evaluation Release” shows the message ‘Trail version,’ again reset the user profile!

How to Change Passwords of Different Tools Used in Orchestrator

You can change passwords of different tools used in UiPath Orchestrator. For changing your passwords, you can choose any of the following steps:

Send updates using a third party process through API:

  1. Orchestrator API

PUT method gets new credentials in place of the previous with the support of Orchestrator API. Call the end point process mentioned below and it can help you.
  • Use cyberark vault

 Cyberark updates the AD passwords automatically because cyberark vault centrally manages the passwords for robots. It pulls the new password from vault and uses it for execution.

Solve a Compilation Error while Updating the Graphs in UiPath

When you try to do update the graphs in UiPath using Invoke code activity and get a compilation error in Call line, you need to check the error message carefully. If the Call line is as following:

BC30574: Option Strict On disallows late binding

Dim oApp2 As Microsoft.Office.Interop.PowerPoint.Application

Dim tcaddin As Object

tcaddin = oApp2.COMAddIns.Item(“thinkcell.addin”).Object

Call tcaddin.UpdateChart(oPres, “name”, oRange, True)

Error message:

BC30574: Option Strict On disallows late binding

But, at the same time oPres and oRange are declared properly.

For solving this issue go to the link of Microsoft’s knowledge base:

Or write to the support team on

How to Use NLog to Change the Default Folder

You can use NLog for changing the default folder path to another folder.  This will help you store the log files on a specific folder. Mostly the new users face this issue more. So, make sure you have a clear understanding of the paths in the NLog.

To cange the NLog file location, you need to open Nlog.xml file situated in UiPath folder in Program Files(x86) folder in C drive.

Go to the following:

<variable name=”LogDirectory”


This is the track of log file. It is possible that you edit this track according to your own choices. But, use Notepad++.

Outlook Messages are not Sent

If you are facing the issue in the sent box of your Outlook that it is not sending messages without showing any error, do not worry. The matter is in that loop, but after this execution, the mails sending process doesn’t trigger. All other arguments are also correct and mapped aptly but the last step of send is not working.

In this situation, ensure that your outlook is online.

Check if emails in outlook are in sending process. If the number of emails is large, the program is trying to update the emails and not sending them. So, try sending one by one or two by two.

What To Do When an App Can’t Run on Your PC

You get the Uipath community edition for the first time and try to install it in your PC. Quite possible that it installs but the application UiPathStudioSetup does not open. And you see the following message.

“This app can’t run on your pC.”

What you can do to resolve the issue?

  • First check the minimum hardware requirements for Orchestrator. Go to the link:

and for Robot with the following link:
  • Then check the minimum Software requirements and install **(!)** Studio in Citrix environments.

The required updates are .NET 4.5.2 as minimum.

Check the taskmanager, if the installer is not running kill the process and try again.

How to do Tests in Local with Kibana and Elastic Search

Are you interested in doing some tests in local with Kibana and Elastic Search while using a Community Edition version and a free local Orchestrator? This is just a test before you integrate all these applications in production.

If you try to try to put put ElasticSearch point to “Nlog” it will not work because free version of orchestrator does not allow it. Orchestrator configuration file explains this. What can be the other way to successfully integrate these files to integrate those applications in local?

Enterprise trial is available that helps you to make full installation of Orchestrator for testing purpose.                                      

How to Modify the Subject of an Existing Mail

Many times you would like to modify an email in its subject6 area. In outlook, this can be done by using UiPath Activities.

If you have mails all listed in a list with one mail a variable, then, it is possible that you modify that mail and update it in outlook.

Use the Alphabet.Workflow.Activities for this. Go to Alphabet>Exception>Dictionary>Logging>Workflow>Outlook.

At this point, do the following:

Change Outlook Mail Subject>get Outlook mail categories>Get Outlook Mail Item

Reply to Outlook Mail> Save Outlook Mail Item>Set Mail Outlook Categories.

Now install it through community Plugins in your Uipath package manager.

How to Set the timing of Unattended Bot Process

If you would like to set a time for unattended bot processes, you need to follow a simple process. For example, you want the bot process to stop at 8.00 PM and start again automatically at 7.00 AM.

CRON expression is here for your help. You can use it to schedule timings for a job. So, find CRON expression with various configurations. You have to pick from them one that is the right CRON expression for your needed job.  

For the following CORN expression, you do not need any quotes.

Use this CORN expression “0 0/30 7-20 ? * * *

How to Scrap Information from the Web

Everyone, at some point, needs to scrap information from websites. People search for a tailored solution in UiPath to find a methodology that is effective and the workflow finds structured information in the websites.

Yes, this is possible. You can create such a framework in UiPath and can use it for cases as much as you need. But the automation will need you to design it in a way that it tweaks for every site unless there is solid similarity between two sides that you can use it with between them for scrapping information.

This feature is ideal for tasks that are urgent.