How to Mimic Creating a NuGet Package with the Command Line

While you mimic to create a NuGet package with a command line you can face some issues like “Nothing is found in the bin!” This especially happens with NuGet pack project.json. So here is how to create a NuGet package through NuGet pack project.json:

  1.  Browse UiRobot.exe:
  2. Community Edition: “%localappdata% then “\Local\UiPath\app-18.x.x\UiRobot.exe”
  3. Enterprise Edition: “C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\UiRobot.exe”
  4. Copy the source project.json path.
  5. Also, copy the destination folder path.
  6. Give a definition to the package version (Choose a standard one with periods and numeric characters).
  7. Run the below command:

cmd : C:\Users\John\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-18.4.2>uirobot.exe -pack “D:\Process\CASA_2019\project.json” -o “D:\Process” -v “15.03.2019”

You have a NuGet package with projectname.version.nupkg.

How to set up the Driver of Sybase in UiPath

Are you wondering where you can find Sybase in UiPath to set up the driver? The good news is that yes, you can find that. Try the following for a successful set up:

  • You can connect to Sybase but first, you need to install the SQL Anywhere drivers from SAP. Check the following link for installing the driver. 6

  • After installing create an ODBC connection on your computer.
  • After completing that you can easily use the standard Database activities in UiPath through the ODBC connection as your source.
  • This is a well-practiced and tried method that always works.

How to Correct the Error: “file Already Exists?”

If you see the message on the screen saying, “file already exists” do not worry, the solution is easy. Do not try to disable the error. This won’t do.

You need to check Auto Save option. It is there in the Excel Application Scope Activity. This saves the excel files automatically.

Put this activity in Try Catch Block. In fact, this error tells you that the file is already saved automatically.

So, do not worry and no need to create the file again. If the auto save option is not on then, create the file and perform the action as per your process.

How to Get Vendor Transaction ID

Are you stuck at the process called ‘workflow of RE Framework?’ While trying to get a unique ‘Vendor Transaction ID’ you may get stuck especially if you are working and trying to get transaction data workflow but failing in doing so.

If you are using UiPath Studio itself then the process is as follows:

  1. Go to ‘Get Transaction Item Workflow’ and create one OUT argument. This will help you pass the vendor tax ID from there to the Main workflow.
  2. Assign it to the variable of ‘Main Workflow.’
  3. Pass it as “IN Argument” to another workflow!

How to Register a New Machine Key

This is automatic that when you register for a new Robot, you get a new Machine Key. Then, you can re-enter your machine key and URL. But, the situation can be different if you do not want your old Machine Key but it is typed automatically each time you are on a UiPath Robot Setting page and type Orchestrator URL.

The solution to this problem is simple. Though, you see the process of old key appearing automatically, you can still delete it. Once you delete it you can easily re-enter a new machine key and the old key will not appear again. .

Is Auto Login Possible in UiPath?

You may wonder if auto login possible especially when you assign a robot to do a scheduled job at a specific time. Yes, UiPath can login by itself and let the robot run the task that you have scheduled.

UiPath has this facility and this can be achieved through orchestrator. The latest version may not have this feature. It was there in the older versions.

This desktop auto login feature is currently not available in latest version although it was there in older versions. If your version is from the back time, then you can apply to your scheduled jobs.

How to Transfer Community Edition License

If you have a copy of community edition of UiPath on your PC or Laptop and you need to transfer it to another device, you need to do the following:

In fact, the device ID is activated in the UiPath version you used there. That is why linking only ‘renew license key’ would not work.

For using the community version again, you need to Install UiPath Community Edition 74. Connect Studio to Orchestrator Community Edition. Here is the link where you can go and complete the steps.

Studio will get its license through Orchestrator.

Building a Library

Are you building a library? This is most possible that you have the following modules:

Open application and login to application 1.

Now, if you want to create a module, ‘open and login’ and name 1 and 2 both at a time with 0 – n attributes you need to do a few things – but, do not worry you do not need to create another library for this purpose.

The best way of doing this process is to create a new workflow.  You can name it ‘C’ and inside C you can easily invoke ‘A’ and ‘B’; this is the way a normal process works.

UiPath Online Training Modules

Online training is easy and affordable. UiPath can also find training sessions by experts though online classes. If you have some bots, you can use UiPath online training modules with a skillful way with UiPath and its usage for development and training. Here is the best way to setup a training program for a team.

  • Get in touch with your sales representative.
  • Get a development license.
  • Check out the License Training Academy.
  • There is non-CE license. If you have not obtained it yet, apply for it. In fact, you can get it without any hassle.

Orchestrator Community Edition’s Latest Version 2019.2.0

The new Orchestrator Community Edition in its latest version 2019.2.0 is released. You can visit to check the updated latest version 2019.2.0!  

The updates are coming now with the latest improvements. If you had any news of schedules not working properly, now the latest version will not be having any issues because the Orchestrator is updated: UiPath 2019 Fast Track Preview (Community Edition v2019.2.0) 18.

Now you can become a tenant by clicking on the option of “Become a Tenant” and set off to explore. Do not forget to give your feedback about the new version in the review section on below link: